Written explorations of

Botanical Utility

Valuing both evidence-based research and hands-on experience, Charles W. Kane brings together the ancient and modern to achieve a synthesis of information for the edible and medicinal plant enthusiast. His titles appeal most to the reader with an interest in Man-to-Plant interaction, of the therapeutic/sustenance kind.

Handy Guides for the Forager

Wild Edible Plants

The Wild Edible collection is comprised of a series of state-centered guides. Existing in an user-friendly and visually appealing format, current titles expound upon the wild edible plant life of Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Texas. Coverage for additional states is added yearly.

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Medicinal Uses of Regional Plants

Wild Plant Medicine

More complicated than wild edible topics, is the subject of native/wild plants for medicine. Though powerful if well-practiced, the subject of botanical therapy today needs a clarifying influence more than ever. With Kane’s reasonable lens, he filters the effective from the ineffectual, the cogent from the laughable.